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A regular pack of playing cards with a Viking twist! Instead of the typical hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs, you'll find a set of viking swords, helmets, shields, and battle axes! As for the picture cards, they are none other than the mischevious Loki, the beautiful Freya, the powerful Thor, and of course the almighty Odin.

Featuring the God of Thunder Thor's mighty hammer, Mjølner - also the logo for the Mjølner Restaurant. A mighty weapon forged in the realm of the dwarves by brothers Sindri and Brokkr, known for it's unique enchantment that allows only those who are deemed worthy to lift and wield it. Intricate celtic knots and the branches of Yggdrasil surround the face of Odin, Thor's father and chief of the Aesir Gods. The shape reminiscent of pendants and amulets worn by those seeking protection.