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Carefully hand crafted wooden beard comb. Get your viking beard looking as it should using the ultimate viking inspired tool - Thor's hammer itself - Mjølner.

All combs are hand carved from Hazelnut wood that has been aged for 12 years.

Each comb is a unique and individual artwork so colour and designs may vary.

The famous hammer gifted to Thor, God of Thunder, by the dwarves Brokk & Eitri, with its short handle due to Loki's trickery, is probably the most well known Norse symbol of today, as well as one of the most historically important.

Thors hammers, were often worn as amulets and necklaces, both for protection and to display their faith in the Gods. It's also believed that Mjølner, Thor's hammer, also was being used in a number of Norse ceremonies including births, marriages and death, and that its power extended beyond its use as a weapon, to signify the overall well being of ones entire community.