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Select your Valknut cuff to go in this perfect gift box along with the light or red Axe Beard Comb to pop under the tree this season.

1 x Valknut Leather Cuff 

As a symbol the Valknut is associated with Odin, death and the transition into the afterlife, and has been found on rune stones raised as memorials for dead family, loved ones and friends.

Material: Genuine leather and alloy plate

Measurements: 27.5cm x 4cm

1 x Hand carved Axe Beard Comb - light

Carefully hand crafted wooden beard comb. Get your viking beard looking as it should using the ultimate viking inspired tool - The Axe.

All combs are hand carved from Hazelnut wood that has been aged for 12 years.

Each comb is a unique and individual artwork so colour and designs may vary.

Vegvisir translates as "that which shows the way" or "way finder" from its original Icelandic.