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Unique and highly detailed ring with the image of Odin (the main God of the Viking pantheon).
It has 49 details, not including wrinkles and other details...
-925 sterling silver
-Natural sapphire stone


-Weight 33 grams

Size guide here

Symbols on the ring:
+Runes - 24 pieces Elder Futark - the oldest form of runic alphabets
+ 1 runes Teywaz on the Helmet - one of the meanings, the rune of victory
+ Helmets -2 pcs (Horror and on the head) - Helmet of horror - Agishyalm - Scandinavian amulet. It protects from the evil thoughts of enemies and returns negativity to the person who directs it at you. The amulet also helps to make the right decisions.
+ Crows - 2 pieces - the same two crows, Huginn and Muninn, who were faithful travelers of Odin himself.
+Wolves - 2 pieces - Geri and Freki - two wolves, who also constantly accompanied Odin.
+Spear (Gungnir) - 8 pieces - Odin's spear, which was forged by gnomes. With this spear he chained himself to a world tree.
+Battle axes - 2 pieces - the weapon of the warrior (after all One god of wisdom and war)
+Slepnir (Odin's horse) - 2 pieces - Odin's octopus horse, thanks to which he moved in all nine worlds.
+Wise look - 1 pc
+Detailed beard - 1 pc
+Eye pierced - 1 piece - One gave his eye to learn the runes
+Bjorn's paw - 2 pieces - a symbol of berserkers, warriors who worshiped Odin
+Yggdrasil in Norse cosmology, is an immense and central sacred tree

Buy this ring and all the legends of Odin will always be with you.