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Tap into the ancient wisdom and power of Odin, guiding you towards success and triumph as you place your glass down in its rightful place.

These genuine leather coasters are the perfect final touch to your Viking Feast! Sold as a set of 4 with a leather case for storing safely. Embossed with the God of War Odin, these are a must for your Valhalla. A perfect matched gift along with our Etched Whisky Glasses.

Coaster diameter - 10cm

Coaster thickness - 5mm


Also known as the Allfather, Odin is known for being the king of the Norse Gods of Asgard, and plays host to those who die an honourable death in battle in the gigantic hall that is Valhalla. He is also known as Woden, and Wednesday is said to be named after him: Woden's Day

Odin is extremely complex and is both a war God and the God of death he is also the God of wisdom and poetry. He sacrificed his eye for a drink of Mimir's well of knowledge and is often depicted accompanied by his ravens Hugin and Munin, who bring him news of what they see.

When we designed our logo for Mjølner (our viking inspired restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne), Odin featured prominently within the logo, his beard flowing into the branches of Yggdrasil