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Now available from Mjølner, a 300ml capacity drinking horn! Featuring Odin - God of War etched into the horn.

Each horn & stand comes with a block of Australian beeswax and a care instruction QR code card.

Viking Drinking Vessels
There has been numerous archeological finds that include Viking era drinking vessels, both simple every day artefacts and heavily decorated ones featuring precious metals.

Drinking horns made from cow and aurochs (now extinct) horns are no doubt the most famous from the Viking Era and were used both for the every day enjoyment of beer, mead and wine, with horns of chieftains being known to be elaborate affairs.

However Vikings also used wooden and ceramic cups, as well as glass, and even silver. The most famous of the silver cups being the Jelling Cups discovered in Jelling in Denmark in the 19th century. These were thought to have belonged to the King Gorm of Denmark and have been dated back to ca 953 CE.

***please note this is a natural product and there may be some variance in shape, colour & size.