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Viking comb for beard and hair "Fenrir"

Material: BRONZE
Size: 4.2 X 6.7 cm.


Initially, the gods considered him not dangerous enough and allowed him to live in Asgard.
The wolf grew up among the aes and became so great and terrible that only Tyr, the god of military courage, dared to feed him.

To protect themselves, the Aesir decided to chain Fenrir, but the mighty wolf easily tore the strongest chains.In the end, the aesir managed to bind Fenrir with the magic chain Gleipnir by cunning, which the dwarves made from the noise of cat steps, a woman's beard, mountain roots, bear veins (in ancient times, tendons were attributed to the properties of nerves), fish breath and bird saliva. All this is no longer in the world. Glaipnir was thin and soft as silk.

But in order for the wolf to allow him to put on this chain, Tyur had to put his hand in his mouth as a sign of the absence of evil intentions. When Fenrir could not free himself, he bit off Tyr's hand.

This episode is frozen on this ridge.