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Runes cut stainless steel ring - runes are cut right through the steel. A rustic and strong look ring for a Viking.

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Norse Runes
The runes represent a symbolic alphabet (often called Futhark from the first six letters / symbols). The symbols are said to represent powerful forces and were used by the Norse people before the adaptation of the Latin alphabet.

So powerful are the forces and their underlying meaning that Odin sacrificed himself by hanging from Yggdrasil, pierced by his own spear, for nine days and nine nights to discover their secrets.

As a symbol each rune is said to represent a virtue or a power or element. Although runes were also used as letters, Vikings and the Norse people did not write down stories, preferring to relay them orally, and runes were only used in extraordinary circumstances or to convey special messages. When worn runes were believed to have magic powers and were as such often carved into jewellery and weapons.