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Unleash the spirit of the Viking Beserker in your kitchen with our newest addition, The Cleaver. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, its blade showcases an intricate Viking longship set sail on an epic voyage. With the grace of a rosewood handle and the power of a Beserker warrior, this cleaver ensures precision and strength in every slice, making it a kitchen essential for culinary conquests.

Channel the fearless spirit of the Vikings and embark on a culinary adventure, conquering every dish with the elegance and power of a true Norse legend. 

Material - Rosewood handle, 7cr17mov stainless steel, brass detail, vegan leather sheath.

Dimensions -Total length 34cm

Blade 23cm - handle 12cm - width 10.5cm - Blade thickness 0.3cm

Weight - 0.55kg