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Viking-Themed Decanter: British Craftsmanship Meets Norse Legend

Dive deep into the heart of Norse mythology with our striking Viking Decanter. This exquisite piece, masterfully handcrafted from the finest British Pewter and Crystal, is an emblem of age-old traditions meeting contemporary craftsmanship.

The front proudly showcases a fearsome Viking warrior, radiating strength and valour. As you turn it around, the reverse captivates with the iconic Viking Longship, a symbol of exploration and daring voyages. As if these weren't captivating enough, the sides of the decanter pay homage to Mjolnir - the legendary hammer wielded by Thor, the Thunder god.

No detail is spared, even in its crowning touch. The removable stopper, meticulously shaped as a Viking helm, seals your spirits with the same prowess that once graced Norse battlefields.

With a generous .6 litre capacity, this decanter stands ready to hold your favourite brew or spirit, transforming every pour into a legendary experience. 

Material: Crystal, Pewter