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After a long days battle every Viking needs to tame the wilderness of his beard. With hints of fire & tobacco the Viking Mode Berserker beard balm is the perfect product to soothe, soften and tame beards of any length.

Designed to keep your hair free from frizz and to promote healthy beard growth. We use Argan oil to encourage healthy hair and skin. Helping to soften the hair and moisturise the skin. 

Made in Victoria Australia


Vegan & Cruelty Free

No nasties

To use: Beard balm is to help soothe skin and hydrate your beard whilst also doubling as a styling product. You can use it either as well as your beard oil or alternate between the 2. If together, apply your beard oil first. If alternating we recommend using your beard oil at night and balm in the morning.

Apply to a clean beard that has been patted dry. Detangle your beard for even and smooth application. Rub a fingernail-sized amount of the balm into the palms of your hand for 20 seconds to soften the balm.

Apply to your damp beard at the base onto the skin using gentle non-vigorous motion, ensuring not damage your hair follicles. Work the balm from the roots to the tips and finish by combing your beard to ensure an even distribution.

Adjust the amount you apply to the length and thickness of your beard. Skal!