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Time to tame your beard Vikings. Get the lush, soft and healthy beard you have always dreamed of with our Viking Mode Beard oil. Our berserker scent is refreshing with subtle hints of smoke from the fire pit and tobacco from the warrior that has completed his battle for the day.

With nourishing ingredients like jojoba which is known for its anti-inflamatory qualities and pumpkin seed to help with skin tone, Argan oil and sweet almond Viking Mode's beard oil will help nourish your skin and beard from root to tip. Made locally in Victoria, Australia.


Vegan & cruelty-free

No nasties

To use:

Apply after shampoo & conditioner when your beard is damp. Massage into the skin and hair from root to tip. This will help keep your skin and beard happy healthy, soft and hydrated. Skål!

For optimal beard health make sure to adjust the amount you apply to match the might of your beard!

-Upto 1”

Use 2 – 3 drops

1” – 2”

Use 3 – 4 drops

3” – 4”

Use 4 – 6 drops

4” – 6”

Use 6 – 8 drops

6” – 9”

Use 8 – 10 drops

9” – 12”

Use 10 – 12 drops

Over 12”

Use as needed

Please note beard oil is not to replace the use of shampoo & conditioner. It is a product to add to your routine that helps promote healthy facial hair.